NAME YOUR PRICE is perfect for those who have projects and know their budget limits. RR Painting is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers while still providing top notch quality services to you. 

Name your price is a service used to meet your immediate need and work must be started within 24 hours. After 24 hours the quote is expired and cannot be renegotiated. You will then need to request a quote through our booking page or contact us. 

How it works

1. In the message field list in detail the scope of your project along with contact information. Please be sure to list if you will provide materials or if you would like materials included in the price. 

2. Provide the budget that you desire to spend in the Subject Line

*A 75 Painting specialist will assess your quote along with the scope of work. 

* You will be contacted within 24 hours with a quote acceptance or to set up a visual estimate if needed

* If your quote is accepted we will then schedule the work start date. 


Quote Being Processed! Thank you